The world and all its unexpected wonders

How many times can you honestly say that you’ve been grateful for jet lag? Until recently, I’ve never been thankful for that miserable strain upon my body as it adjusted to local time after a long, uncomfortable international flight. But had it not been for an evening of tossing and turning, I might not have given up hope on several more hours of slumber and risen earlier than I wanted to. If not for jet lag I might not have drawn back the blackout drapes of my hotel room at just the right moment and laid eyes upon the most stunning sunrise I’d ever seen casting a fiery red glow over the San Diego harbor. This time, I was very grateful!


As a little girl, I loved to travel. For me, a plane, a train, a bus, or a car could take you to new worlds and magical destinations. And when there wasn’t some usual means of transportation waiting to take me away somewhere, books could step in and fill me with wonder, taking me further by sweeping me away into the past, or far into the future. Strangely, or perhaps naturally, now that I’m all grown-up and on my own, those two passions remain steadfast. I still love the zap of electricity as a trolley pulls up to the station, the hum of the airplane as it climbs into the sky through the clouds, and simply the heart-racing anticipation of waiting for the adventure to begin. The experience, of course, is even better when traveling with a really good book or even a journal, to sketch what I see or to record my thoughts in.

Perhaps I’m beginning this blog too late, or maybe I’m sitting down to pen it exactly when I need to. Only time will help me answer that internal quandary. There are many travel blogs out there. I can only promise you that mine might be a little different from the rest because you’ll be seeing the world through the eyes of this traveling introvert: someone who is taking pleasure in quietly observing and noting everything around her with that wide-eyed wonder of that little girl hugging a book to her chest–who lives deep within the adult. We should be flooded with positive, wondrous reminders of how spectacular a world we live in, right? So I don’t feel too horribly guilty for beginning something that has already been done. It just hasn’t been done with my star-struck eyes, vivid imagination and camera lens.


So, my fellow traveler… if you’re here you’re a bit curious about where I will take you. My adventures will speak to the heart and soul of an introvert, who yearns to experience and understand the world we live in. We’ll go on many little adventures. We’ll experience culinary delights together. Let’s explore the world and all its unexpected wonders. Quietly.

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