Let’s begin with coffee

Some of the best–quiet–little adventures I’ve been on have begun early in the morning with a good cup of coffee. So I thought since this blog is in its infant stage, that I would begin it in the same way. Let’s talk about coffee today.

I have lived where it has snowed. I have lived where summer temperatures climbed up into triple digits. And I have lived where it has rained. A lot. Yep, if you haven’t guessed, I spent a good chunk of time living in the Pacific Northwest–the birthplace of Starbucks. It was during those years in Seattle, that I became addicted to coffee. And ever since, when I’m out and about, I still enjoy searching for that special cup that strives to be something a shade more than the norm.

Recently, I returned to Seattle and visited one of my very favorite inspirational spots. Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Center! Located in Edmonds, Washington, fans of his show on PBS can take classes, shop, book his tours to many fabulous European destinations and get some help planning their adventures from knowledgeable staff at this wonderful little location. I have relied on his travel books in the past, and am a big fan of his packing cubes. (This accessory might have to be its own separate blog post one day!)


A short distance from the Travel Center is a lovely place called Red Twig Bakery and Cafe. Tempted by the many delicious looking offerings behind glass, on this visit I chose instead to focus on trying a beverage I’d never had before–and so I ordered a Lavender Mocha. Fabulous. No regrets there! Yum.


On the same street, there are two more places this traveling introvert is drawn to like a magnet.  There is a cozy neighborhood bookstore for all ages just steps from Red Twig, simply called Edmonds Bookshop, and across from it, yet another travel themed store packed full of every accessory imaginable called the Savvy Traveler.

If you’re visiting in the summer, be sure and add a short walk to the Edmond’s Farmer’s Market on Saturdays just a stone’s throw from the Rick Steves’ Travel Center. Nothing beats a cool, clear summer morning with inspired dreams of future travel, good food in the belly, a new book in hand, and something fresh, homemade or handcrafted from an outdoor market.


With both mind and stomach expanded I returned to my car a tired but happy soul, full of hope for future travels and a renewed need to keep on hunting those unexpected, marvelous cups of coffee wherever I go.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that aromatic Lavender Mocha, and quite frankly, I don’t want to!

So, let’s raise our paper cups high and proud, fellow travelers, as some of the best mornings and best little adventures, are those that begin with a really stellar brew.


Have you had an interesting or different cup of coffee or mocha on your travels? What was it called and where did you get it?


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