Farewell, 2017

Life doesn’t always take you down familiar roads or to happy places. Sometimes you end up on a highway with a lot of potholes and no rest stop in sight.  This year, I found myself on one of those unexpected trips, driving away from the salty sea air and into the dusty desert for what would be and still continues to be, the beginning of a transformational period of my life.


Yes, sometimes life doesn’t take you where you want to go but there is always the potential for some truly excellent detours that take you on road trips you’re thankful for once you’ve taken them.


New Year’s Eve continues to be at the top of my list when it comes to a favorite holiday. It gives me the chance to reflect on all that has been good these last twelve months. When I count my blessings from 2017, I include all the random storytellers who have sat down next to me, the sweet and savory new foods I’ve stumbled upon, and the opportunities I’ve had to walk the same pathways of those who lived hundreds of years ago.


With a New Year on the horizon, I get a sense of the challenges that still linger in my personal life as I continue on the transformation highway into 2018. I know that there are others who are speeding along with me, trying to get to where they want to be, too. My hope and wish for us all, is that we can find moments where we take our foot off the gas and pause to look closely at all that is beautiful and amazing around us. Oh, and if that includes eating that local specialty sweet and drinking that amazing cup of mocha we discover wherever we should pull over to stop, then may we always have the spare change in our pocket to do so. Enjoy the journey.


To all my fellow travelers, I wish you a very Happy New Year. I look forward to going on many new adventures with you in 2018!