The Winds of Change

Change had been in the air for months. I’d felt something coming, I just didn’t know when it would arrive and what it would look like. To my surprise, after setting a new intention for my life, the gentle breeze that had been hinting at something new…transformed into a tornado. I was swept away to a new land and given a new purpose.

Car trips are something I’ve associated with the word “fun” since I was a little girl. So, when I had the chance to drive from Tucson to Seattle for a short-term job contract, I did so willingly but decided on a scenic route instead of the straight and familiar path I’d taken several times before. Having once worked for AAA in Seattle–during a period of my life that now feels like a lifetime ago–I used to plan routes for members wanting to drive from Seattle to the Oregon Coast. This past October, I leapt on the opportunity to see it for myself.

Traveling along with me, were two four-legged adventurers. One of those adventurers had the time of her life and loved every minute. The other one wasn’t thrilled about it, but eventually succumbed to the fact that he had no other choice. I’m sure you can determine which one was the dog, and which one was the cat.

Little did I know that the drive up the coast would be so transformational. On the other end would be an opportunity to let go of a career (that began 25 years ago) to start a new one in the travel industry.  This new career is a natural fit.  Travel is something I’ve always loved, and that passion is not going away anytime soon.

Traveling up the Oregon coast, I experience yet another beautiful perspective of the Pacific Ocean that I love so dearly. (Photo by Jennifer R. Monroe)

My trip took me from a desert to a temperate rainforest–one of many notable extremes. I now find myself taking a little more time in the grocery store, staring a bit overwhelmed at all the healthy options available to me.  It has me reconsidering my ritualistic New Year’s Resolution that lasts until that first box of Valentine’s Day chocolates leaps into my shopping cart. (You know the resolution I speak of…) Perhaps this trip has increased my chances for success.

As my eyes adjust from seeing cactus to evergreen, I’m also adjusting from daily drives in the blinding sun to dark commutes through neighborhoods that are snug-up against wineries. Tree lined streets are cheerfully decorated with little white lights and have been delivering that winter wonderland experience much to my delight.

I’m excited. For everything that I was planning and hoping for this blog, it will now be enriched by this change in my life and environment.

So, with camera, notebook and pen I go into a New Year on a new exciting path, still traveling quietly, with eyes and mind wide open. Stay tuned for new adventures, new stories, and much more.

And as always, thank you for traveling along with me.

All the best, wherever you are in the world, for a happy, healthy, and wondrous New Year.