Success Experiment 2019

There are people out in the world doing extraordinary things. Things I wish I could be doing. When one of these extraordinary doers enters my radar, I read about them and look for clues as to how I might create, and live, a life most inline with my dreams, goals, and core values.

Recently, I read the bio of one such extraordinary person whose current situation I would like to think of as being “perfect” (although it’s impossible to know what the reality truly is). I guess I wanted to read a rags-to-riches story–but instead, I was left feeling a little disappointed that the struggle had been to overcome an impressive ivy-league education that led to a high-profile job that had provided her with stellar world-wide contacts which had ultimately launched her into her current situation. It was also very evident to me that she was in no way, an introvert.

When I ask Google to provide me a list of successful introverts, I get delivered an article listing names like Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, JK Rowling, and Meryl Streep. I still wonder, though, how I can become my own success story.

Last year, I went searching for people who might be able to shed some light on how to become successful. I heard a wide variety of advice. One paid professional suggested that my lack of success in finding an amazing job was coming from my not kissing the envelope before sending it out. (If you apply for a job online, do you kiss the monitor?) Another wanted me to find ways to make money off people’s pain. (Doesn’t that sound a little dishonest?) Of course, if you have all the money in the world there are abundant resources at your disposal.  But what if you’re buying groceries with the coins at the bottom of your purse? Drinking only tap water? Success seems wildly out of reach and you begin to lose hope. You believe that success and happiness is only meant for one type of person who fits into a very specific box of conditions.

Somewhere buried in all this advice was plenty of mention about intentions, vibrations, and visualizations. For me, setting an intention has been the one piece of advice that I can embrace. Perhaps, because it brings me back to something I used to hear as a child:

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

So, maybe the answer is to keep asking the question. Get clear on what it is that I want, and then keep asking how over and over again. Take a step forward. Just begin. Fail. Question. Begin again.

It is my dream to live a life that allows me creative freedom. To write. To travel. To be introverted to my heart’s content. This year, I’m making it my intent to write, write, write while working on my happy projects. Without a dime to my name and a list of contacts that only need a single hand to count, I am my own great experiment this year. I’ve already taken the first step forward. And tomorrow, I’ll take the next. From there, I will keep on going and I’ll keep asking the question, how.

Stay tuned, and we’ll see just how far I will go.







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    1. Hi there! Actually, someone did suggest Patreon to me last year but said it’s difficult to get started without having a following first. I am giving it another go this year. I have a blog post coming up soon on that very topic! Have you had a good experience with it?


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