The Four Day Pause

During a dark commute home this week, I was thinking about this blog post and what to call it. The Four Day Pause is appropriate, but so is, “Can I Get an Answer I Can Understand and/or Implement, Please?” Or, perhaps, “A Little Help Would Be Nice”? After reading this post, I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one works best.

Last week, I was reassured by a consultant, that I wouldn’t have any interruption to my WordPress blog. I was seeking services; some tech help. But, as my computer “luck” would have it, I was unable to access my blog for four days. In fact, at one point, I noticed that anyone trying to view it received a message saying it was unsafe and trying to steal information! What!?!

A bigger panic moment came when I nearly lost my blog entirely.

I’m realizing that if I’m going to reach my dreams and goals– it’s going to take more than a village to get me there. I’m writing about these bumps in the road because one day when I finally conquer this road up a mountain, I’m think I’m going to need a high-five from at least one of you out there reading about my progress.

To understand how frustrating last week was for me, I need to back up a bit and provide a little backstory.

I once had a blog on that I maintained for ten years. It’s only been in the last year that I’ve learned about and why it’s so important to have a blog there if you want to be considered a serious blogger. So, as I always do, I start off with my “how” question. How do I learn more?

While living in Tucson last year, I attempted to go to a WordPress two-day event in Phoenix. I was only interested in, and able to go to, the three-hour beginner’s session. I paid for the entire weekend as that was the only choice. I felt it was worth it. I drove two hours, got there in plenty of time but was misdirected by staff to a welcome session–which delayed me in finding where I needed to go for the class I was there for. Many people were interested in this class. People were sitting on the floor, or planning to stand for the entire class against the back wall (where I was) and there was a long line of people outside the classroom wanting access. We were all asked to leave. I inquired about a refund, and stood in line with others who had similar stories to mine. Some were small-business owners who had taken time off work for this class alone. I got my refund and drove the two hours back to Tucson.

I then signed up for an online three-month business and marketing course for creatives where my interest in moving my blog forward was reignited. The class encouraged me to locate a professional to help transition my blog over to while building a website. So I did my research on local professionals and met with a woman in a Starbucks to discuss the project. The meeting went great. I left that day feeling encouraged and happy. I felt I was finally getting somewhere. I handed over my first payment.

A month later, I’d heard nothing but crickets. I waited awhile longer. I reached out and got a single colorless page with a grid noting layout for the homepage. Another couple weeks went by and still no communication. The bullet points for progress reports and face-to-face meetings listed on the contract I’d signed weren’t happening. I sent out a flurry of emails, got another brief reply and eventually I ended up having to say to the designer/programmer that I didn’t think we were a good fit because I needed more communication than what I’d been receiving. Part of her reply was that she’d responded to my e-mail–but there was no mention of the other five I’d sent after the one she referenced.

Life happened, and my blog had to be put on hold through the holidays while I transitioned to a new job in a state some 3,000 miles away.

I decided to try again last week. I asked the “how” question again, doing some research on domain hosts. I found one with 24/7 support and I attempted to make the transfer. Long story short, I utilized e-mail, live chat, and the phone to try and get where I needed to be. When I was told I needed a programmer to help me the rest of the way, I felt defeated again. I’d built myself up to believe I could figure this out on my own.

I used to be married to a computer programmer. When his computer failed to do what he needed or wanted, it was a crisis situation. If my computer had issues, I’d ask a question about it and get the reply, “have you tried turning it off and on again?” Or be told, “you’re going to have to figure it out.” Now that I’m on my own, I don’t see that things have changed much . I’m still just as clueless when it comes to the tech world, and I’m still trying to “figure it out”. I’m still asking “how” until I find that golden person who will hold my hand and explain what I need to do, in a way I can understand, so I can finally move forward.

I am capable. I have to believe that I am!

This last bump in the road was especially frustrating because last week I came across two opportunities I wanted to participate in. One of them offered me a paycheck for writing; the other one was a fun challenge. The catch for participating in these two opportunities was that my blog needed to be on The four-day pause caused me to miss both.

I’m not giving up. I’m still asking “how” until I find all the information I need.

Yes. This is the year I’m going to make it happen. It must. If I remain tenacious, surely one of these days, everything will work out as it should. The right person will be standing along this hill-laden road I’m on…waiting with an easy-to-read guidebook in-hand. I just hope the guidebook comes with colored pictures like a toddler’s storybook rather than the instruction sheets that accompany IKEA furniture.

Then, my fellow travelers, we’ll find a way to celebrate this big step, in this, my year devoted to getting my life aligned with all those things I love so dearly.

To be continued…hopefully with good news…sometime soon!

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